I was born in Madrid, and have lived in Galicia for 9 years. At that trip they have my first SLR camera.

I was born in Madrid and since I was 9 years old I live in Galicia. At that age I had my first SLR camera.
My passion for photography is vocational, I grew up seeing and touching the photographs of my great-grandfather Manuel Buch Sáinz. I started my training at the School of Arts and Crafts, and self-taught. I completed my studies in Fine Arts, specializing in laboratory processes, black and white.
I also studied photojournalism at EFTI. I am interested in photojournalism as a means of social denunciation on issues such as conflict, feminism or the environment.
Without forgetting other plastic and creative works, in addition to collaborations with artists from various fields: mainly theater and music.